World’s Largest Labyrinth at Hogsback

Still at Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Labyrinth in the forest

The Labyrinth at The Edge, a mountain retreat in Hogsback in the Eastern Cape, is an eleven circuit Labyrinth, similar in design to the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France, and displays one of the most elaborate Labyrinth designs. The Labyrinth, located at “The Edge”, is circular in shape, and has a diameter of almost thirty meters, and a circumference of ninety one meters. The Labyrinth which was completed in 2002, displays a straight line distance of seven hundred meters to its center, and the actuall distance travelled along its path is 1.4 kilometers, which makes it one of the world’s largest.

Walking the course of a Labyrinth is said to have a calming and meditative effect, its course symbolising a path to spiritual discovery and fulfilment. The design is meant to enhance prayer and meditation, with the inward leading paths symbolising forgiveness and moving on, and the outgoing ones representing healing and empowerment.

The Labyrinth at Hogsback is amazingly situated, close to the edge of the cliff displaying awe inspiring views, and magnificent sunsets, amongst the swirling mists and clouds which envelope the mountainous area, all of which adds to the serenity of the task at hand.

(Information available from this site.) 

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